2018-09-25 - 2018-09-27
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About the Conference The conference is organised as a part of the International Forum "Water: Ecology and Technology". Water supply and wastewater treatment issues have been always presented on the conference agenda of ECWATECH. Continuous improvement in technology and equipment, changes in legislation and legal forms of water supply and wastewater utilities along with certain financial problems require new approaches to modernisation and development of water supply and sewage networks.

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The goal of the Conference is to discuss the best Russian and international experience as well as new and innovative approaches in the field of water supply and wastewater treatment in towns and communities (small, medium and large). Legislative, administrative, financial and technical issues of sustainable water supply and wastewater treatment will be presented and discussed within the conference sessions.

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The Conference streams Sustainable development trends in water supply and wastewater treatment of small, medium and large towns and communities: legislative, administrative, financial and technical aspects. Water supply: priority issues related to water resources: natural water quality trends; drinking water regulations: cost-quality balance; conventional and advanced treatment processes for drinking water; small and modular water plants; water plants operation; reliability improvement of water supply systems; WasteWater treatment: Legal requirement for wastewater treatment discharge to the natural bodies of water or into sewage systems; New approaches and analysis for design and construction of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants; Conventional and advanced technologies for wastewater treatment; Small and modular plants for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; Operation of sewage plants; Sludge treatment and management; Reliability improvement of sewage systems; Energy efficiency at water and wastewater plants: Energy-saving and energy efficiency in water and wastewater treatment systems; Energy-saving and energy efficiency in water and wastewater distribution networks. Papers We are glad to encourage potential authors to prepare and submit presentations on any of the Conference streams. Papers will be accepted in electronic form only at info@ecwatech.ru or konovalova@ecwatech.ru by no later than 1 February 2014.

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