The Yuma Home and Garden Show 2020

2020-01-17 - 2020-01-19
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See what's new in home improvement! The Yuma Home & Garden Show is the one place where people can talk to hundreds of vendors, compare prices, learn the latest strategies for green building and remodeling, and save lots of money with show only discounts. The Yuma Home & Garden Show provides everything one needs to put together the next home improvement project, whether it involves landscaping, contracting, design, entertainment, remodeling, or anything in between. Additionally, folks can catch the numerous “How To” demonstrations and seminars by the leading experts in the fields of green building, landscaping, remodeling, solar, cooking, construction, and more.

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Friday        :9am - 5pm

Saturday   :9am - 5pm

Sunday     :10am - 4pm


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