Hubilo Launches Enhanced Event Tech Platform and Partners with Precon Events

July 30, 2021

San Francisco-based Hubilo has been at the forefront of the virtual and hybrid event boom that continues to reshape the attendee experience, and the company’s latest developments further enhance its ability to deliver industry-leading event tech experiences.

Hubilo recently unveiled its newly improved, all-in-one virtual and hybrid events platform and formed a strategic partnership with Rockville, Md-based Precon Events

The latest release of Hubilo’s platform comes with new features designed to improve attendee engagement, nurture greater human connection and elevate the ROI of events in the new remote-everything world. 

“Fostering human connection is at the core of what makes Hubilo different and more robust than any other platform,” said Vaibhav Jain, founder and CEO of Hubilo. “With this release, it is easier for everyone to attend and host events from anywhere, online or in-person,” 

The improved Hubilo platform features the following new capabilities and enhancements:

  • Robust engagement features, including a “What’s Happening” section that makes it easier for attendees to join activities such as gamification, live polls and Q&As, a fresh new interface that provides reactions and emojis to allow attendees to be more expressive and the ability to schedule meetings directly from the chat.
  • Enhanced sponsored interaction capabilities, including completely revamped networking lounges and demo rooms with virtual exhibit booth chats, polls and Q&As for sponsors and exhibitors and a revamped onboarding experience that makes it more engaging for attendees to share their information with event organizers.
  • Streamlined navigation that makes it simple for attendees to engage with everyone in either a virtual or hybrid setting and understand what is taking place at any time with a homepage dashboard for the event itinerary and a global side panel where attendees can access live sessions and other activities. 

The entire event can easily be streamed and navigated through a mobile app, exactly as it would with a laptop, including accessing all activities, entering a session or an exhibitor’s booth, securing a seat in the networking lounge or engaging with a fellow attendee. In a hybrid format, the app is designed to be a key enabler in connecting offline and online attendees.

To create a more engaging and immersive user experience, Hubilo incorporated feedback from a diverse set of customers, including the United Nations, Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Anheuser-Busch InBev, World Bank and SAP. 

Meanwhile, Hubilo’s new alliance with Precon Events is designed to offer each company’s clientele a complete solution for high-end event app design, content creation and virtual broadcast, while providing a boutique custom approach for both virtual and hybrid events.

Precon is an event management and production firm with a focus on complex event design, video production, platform integration and technical production. The company produces conferences, trade shows, corporate events and galas throughout the U.S. and internationally. It has produced more than 200 virtual events and numerous hybrids to date, with attendance ranging from 100-10,000, and supported broadcasts with up to 100,000 viewers.

The Hubilo-Precon partnership enables event organizers to stay ahead of the ever-evolving attendee experience, according to Greg Volm, senior vice president of sales and success at Hubilo.

“With so much change, event planners need to simplify the execution of their plans and focus on the creative elements of their events, which deliver the ultimate engagement and experiences to attendees,” he said. “With this partnership, event planners can unleash their creativity and level up their events.” 

According to Steve Krauthamer, president and CEO of Precon Events, the alliance allows event professionals to give attendees robust new experiences by providing top-notch video production, content and creative design as part of the event platform as well as the content attendees view during the sessions. 

“At Precon, we choreograph the show and add engaging experiences such as audience polling via QR code, Q&As for in-person and virtual audiences and live chat with in-person and virtual attendees,” he said. “The content on the platform, including the layout, the on-demand content and the actual sessions themselves are designed to engage our attendees and provide ROI for the sponsors.”

The adage “content is king” has never been more relevant, according to Krauthamer, who added that Precon takes its cues from the cable media giants who have mastered the recipe of keeping viewers in front of their screens all day and has earned an excellent reputation in the industry.

Hubilo’s industry-leading event software coupled with Precon’s highly praised reputation in event management and production provides a compelling value when every detail must be perfect for every event, every time.”

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