3 Rules to Set for Trade Show Booth Staffers

March 27, 2014

Unlike most other forms of marketing, exhibiting at a trade show gives businesses the invaluable opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with prospects. Exhibitors need to develop their event plan with this unique advantage in mind.

If booth staffers are highly skilled and well-trained, they could be able to develop key business relationships and build strong lead capture lists. To maximize the chances of those outcomes, exhibitors should establish these three ground rules for their trade show staff members:

1) Don’t let staff member’s text

Mobile devices can be excellent trade show tools. Exhibitors that use mobile trade show apps make their lead generation processes much simpler and better organized. However, staff managers should make sure that booth staffers are using their phones for trade show purposes, not personal ones. As EventSpeak recently pointed out, booth staffers who are glued to their smartphones or tablets during the conference often come off as disinterested and rude. If attendees see staff member’s texting, they may decide to pass on that exhibit and move on to one with more engaging booth staffers.

2) Stay energetic at all times

Staff members should strive to remain highly enthusiastic throughout the event. By the end of the trade show, booth staffers may be exhausted from hours of standing around on the floor. This is when staff managers should encourage them to stay energetic.

One helpful way to keep booth staffers lively is to have them engaged in games or activities with attendees. Not only will this make things more exciting for booth staffers, it will give attendees a more memorable experience.

3) Stick to a plan

Exhibitors should have an event checklist planned for every trade show that outlines specific objectives for booth staffers. Whether exhibitors want sales orders, qualified leads or increased product awareness, they should be sure that staff members stick to a focused strategy and meet their benchmarks.

For more useful exhibitor info, download, the 7 Deadly Sins of Tradeshow Exhibiting (And How to Avoid Them).

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