3 Ways to Avoid the Drain of a Tradeshow

January 25, 2014

Do you and your employees dread working at trade shows?  You are not the only ones that feel this way, since there is no doubt that working a trade show event can be tiring and draining both physically and mentally.

Chances are your staff does not know what to expect and may feel out of their element.  Tradeshows require long days mixed with lots of small talk with anyone and everyone.  You want your team to stay upbeat, positive, and on their toes throughout the event to ensure you are getting the best ROI but just how will you or your team stay that way?

Consider the following suggestions to overcome unwillingness at trade shows.

Getting the team involved

Management is a major contributing factor to success at a trade show! Even top level management makes an impression, especially when no one expects them to be involved.  Managers need to assist in all aspects of the trade show from planning stages, execution of outcome, setting up, and training programs.  It will generate enthusiasm and positivity from the top all the way down.  (Remember stuff rolls down hill!)  Get your team involved in all of it – set expectations together, ask for ideas, or what specifically will keep them motivated throughout the day.  This will also help promote creative thinking and foster teamwork. Leverage the collective thoughts of your people to create greatness!

Don’t burn out employees

Switch out your employees throughout the day.  Most of your employees probably do not want to be there all day so do everyone a favor and have shifts or half days for them to work.  Bringing in someone who is not completely drained will help keep productivity on the up and up.  When your brain is fried it is hard to push past that and it happens more often during trade shows than not, because employees are required to work long hours and are engaging constantly.  

Have some fun!

Make it fun – of course you are going to make it fun for the trade show participants but don’t forget your team!  Create a sales incentive, contest, or reward program with having everyone being able to benefit.  A reward program will help encourage your staff to set their own goals and naturally bring out their own competitiveness.  If they are just there to be slaves your end result will be less than productive!  

No one person will have the exact same priorities and motivation as another. So when planning your next trade show think about the individual staff personalities and know what motivates them.  Incorporate different things into the entire process to engage everyone. If you do this right, then your team and company will be successful – you will inspire them to do more shows in the future and hopefully encourage others to get involved with the next one - or, you’ll just build up a trained team of Trade Show Super Heros!

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