1105 Media, Messe Duesseldorf North America Roll Out New Events

February 19, 2013

Two show management companies recently announced new events on the horizon: 1105 Media’s Office Technology Group will launch the Business Imaging Expo, and Messe Duesseldorf North America, a subsidiary of Germany-based Messe Duesseldorf, will debut  Energy Storage North America.

1105’s new show will be held Dec. 11-12 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

“The office technology industry is changing rapidly,” said Office Technology Group Publisher Patricia Ames.

She added, “Printed pages are shifting to mobile devices, printers are increasingly becoming part of the larger managed information technology programs at small and large business, and sellers and consumers of related devices are looking for ways to streamline their processes. Business Imaging Expo recognizes these shifts and creates a centralized resource for all facets of the industry.”

The two-day show will be preceded on Dec. 10 by two conferences. The first, presented by the Office Technology Group’s Workflow magazine, will feature a high-level lineup of speakers focusing on targets surrounding business process optimization, enterprise content management and similar topics.

The second, presented by the Office Technology Group’s The Imaging Channel magazine, will focus on managed print and related topics.

MDNA’s new show, Energy Storage North America, is a spinoff of the company’s Germany-based show and will run Sept. 10-12 at the San Jose McEnery (Calif.) Convention Center.

 “As the U.S. subsidiary of Messe Duesseldorf, we have been active in the North American market for over 20 years in a variety of industries and serve as a link for U.S. and international companies to access markets all over the world,” said Tom Mitchell, president of Messe Duesseldorf North America.

He added, “Energy Storage North America is a logical continuation of Energy Storage held in Duesseldorf to open up new market opportunities on this continent.”

ESNA 2013 will be jointly organized by Messe Duesseldorf North America and Strategen Consulting and is billed as “the first energy storage conference and expo in the U.S. to focus exclusively on applications, customers and deal making.”

The three-day ESNA 2013 conference will start with workshops Sept. 10, followed by the conference program concentrating on interactive markets with the topic “Energy Storage Development – Spotlight on California” on the second day.

Day three will highlight “Energy Storage Development – Expanding the Market”. The conference will feature four application-focused parallel session tracks with more than 80 speakers.

Show organizers said the event’s launch coincides with potential new energy storage procurement targets for California.

“Energy Storage North America will be the ideal event to showcase profitable energy storage applications and innovative business models for the electric power system,” said Janice Lin, executive director of the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) and managing partner of Strategen Consulting.

She added, “The global reach of Messe Duesseldorf and its partners underscores the importance of grid storage as a key solution to enable a cleaner, more affordable, reliable and secure electric power system around the world.”

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