5 Ways to Help Your International Attendees

May 13, 2013

International attendees often have a unique set of requirements as well as expectations from your event. Here are some tips to facilitate successful participation from your global audience:

  1. Multi-lingual Web site

If a significant volume of web traffic is expected to come from non-English speaking countries, consider building dedicated web pages with key information in the language or languages popular with this audience. Another option could be to plug in a tool like Google Translate to automatically detect the default language for a user's operating system and translate the content accordingly. For example, the Atlanta Visitor’s Bureau does a good job of offering a multi-lingual site.

  1. Detailed Instructions

Your event may have specific rules and terms for attendees coming from a different country. Make it easy for them to access such information by providing it on your website and in their printed registration package. An International Visitors tab in the main navigation can offer an easy to locate resource for your attendees to follow these specific guidelines, directions and helpful information. An international visitor FAQ is also an excellent place to compile the information that is most often of concern.

  1. Visa Invitation Letter

Provide an option to request and download a customized Visa Invitation Letter online to help speed up the visa application process.

  1. Package Deals

Sweeten the deal for global travelers by bundling housing and entertainment options with their event registration. If the visitors don't have to worry about local arrangements, they will be able to focus on business at the event and be willing to return to it year after year. The less stressful you can make the experience, the more positive their impression will be of your event.

  1. Focused Customer Service

A concerted effort to provide specialized services to an international audience is sure to be appreciated. Features such a separate lounge area, on-site interpreters or customized conference content can provide long lasting value to your international attendees. In addition, an international reception can help to facilitate networking and boost the business connections your visitors make.


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