Aviation Week's MRO Americas 2012 Conference Reopens at Dallas CC After Tornados Sweep Through Region

April 3, 2012

Aviation Week’s MRO Americas 2012 Conference has resumed one day after more than a dozen tornadoes struck the Dallas/Fort Worth region and disrupted the event's showfloor that was set to open for  5,000 attendees at the Dallas Convention Center

"I was impressed with the professionalism and the communication from the staff at the DCC," said Lydia F. Janow from the MRO Americas 2012 Conference.

She added, "The evacuation went smoothly, and staff was with me through the duration of the storms keeping me abreast of updates."

Center security ushered all of the attendees to safety, according to Dallas CVB officials.

Miraculously, though the tornados caused widespread damage in the region, there were no reported fatalities.

“Thanks to ample warning from the National Weather Service, local media and city officials, the tornados caused few injuries and no deaths,” Dallas CVB officials said.

They added, “Throughout the central business district on Tuesday, citizens were evacuated to stairwells and basements to wait out the storms.”

The Dallas CVB and Dallas CC both resumed business as usual April 4, and the MRO Americas 20120 Conference, on tap April 3-5, reopened its showfloor.

“Rare for this part of the state, the violent storms caused damage in various parts of the area but caused no damage to the DCC, Dallas office buildings, hotels or special event venues,” Dallas CVB officials said.

Ron King, executive director for the DCC said, "The City of Dallas has an excellent emergency communications system.  We have direct contact with the city's Office of Emergency Management which is critical in providing clients real time information so they know what to communicate to their stakeholders." 

D/FW International Airport also resumed full operations after a day of cancelled flights and is working on inspecting aircraft.

"Our thoughts are with those who lost property or were injured in the storms," said Phillip Jones, CEO of the DCVB. "As we proceed with business as usual today, we will work to improve an already excellent emergency response system in the future."

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