Creative Portal Services Offers Shows Year-round Vendor Portals

August 18, 2013

Some shows still are offering printed show directories, while others include an online exhibitor directory as part of their event website or mobile app. Creative Portal Services is looking to take that a step further with a 365 day a year web vendor portal.

“Thank of it as a giant buyers guide. It can be scaled to any size association,” said Pete Fenlon, executive sales manager for Creative Portal Services.

Fenlon said there are advantages to an organization, and the suppliers who serve the organization’s members, when implementing the portal.

One advantage is in price. Exhibitors and sponsors are looking at smaller budgets and want to spend less money, but still get their information in front of trade show attendees. “When compared to print ads, online advertising offers much better pricing models,” Fenlon said.

An online guide that is available all year makes that ad even more attractive to all suppliers, not just suppliers who exhibit at an organizations annual show. Suppliers who cannot exhibit for one reason or another might still want to participate in the online guide, which creates a new revenue stream.

Jim Wulfekuhle, vice president sales and marketing for the International Woodworking Fair, said, “(It’s a) great product, and one that could truly allow event producers and associations become 365 revenue generators and facilitators of transactions, content, etc.”

There also isa lot of flexibility built in to online advertising. You can offer everything from a simple listing that links back to the vendor’s site, to more comprehensive ads that can include pictures, video and downloadable content.

Creative Portal Services works on a revenue sharing model. They manage the sales process and take on all the design and project management. “We’re a brand new bottom line revenue source for associations and shows. We customize the portals to each show’s needs,” Fenlon said.

Ad rates are based on a CPM model, and Fenlon said that each organization’s click through rates and industry standards will determine advertising pricing.

Because of the visual aspect of the advertisements and the ability for the advertiser to include so much information, the hope is search engines will find the content in the portal attractive as well.

That means the advertisers not only are exposed to an organization’s member companies, but also to the end consumer as well which will drive demand for the product.

Wulfekuhle also sees a portal such as this as a way to enable more event incubation or expansion of existing events, where a successful online category could move on to the showfloor.

To view a mock-up of the portal visit http://www.supply2build.com/.

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