ecoXpress Replaces Need for Onsite Printed Exhibitor Guides

May 5, 2013

Imagine going to a trade show and instead of lugging around an often bulky exhibitor’s guide all day, you could walk up to a kiosk with a touchscreen, search for exhibitor’s digital brochures you are interested in and have them instantly emailed to your inbox.

That’s exactly what U.K.-based ecoXpress has started offering at events, which also has had a substantial impact on the amount of paper saved onsite.

The system – used at exhibitions by leading brands such as GSK, GE and Honeywell  - not only saves money (and trees) through the reduction of printing and shipping costs, but also provides invaluable data capture and data analytics, enabling exhibitors to more effectively target their post-event sales activity. 

In addition to housing an unlimited selection of brochures or product information, ecoXpress can also be configured to include video demonstrations or additional data capture questions.

“ecoXpress is fully customizable and brandable and can be used on multiple devices and platforms, so an exhibition stand could have touch-screens that enable the visitor to help themselves, but it can also run on an iPad, so each sales person has all the info at their fingertips and can run through demonstrations with the visitor, then select brochures to email instantly,” said Alastair Reece, head of development of ecoXpress.

Users of the system have given it high marks.

“The ecoXpress system gives us absolute continuity across the many shows at which we exhibit and ensures that our customers are able to drill down into the information they require and have it sent directly to them,” said Chris Martin, Europe, Middle East, Africa and India public relations manager - Honeywell Aerospace.

He said, “Our sales teams love the slickness of the system and our customers appreciate not having to take armfuls of brochures away from the stand.”


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