Farm Progress Show Chosen for 2014 International Buyer Program

January 23, 2014

Getting a big boost for its international growth, Penton Farm Progress Group’s Farm Progress Show has been accepted to be a part of the 2014 International Buyer Program.

The IBP is an export program led by the U.S. Department of Commerce that brings thousands of international buyers to the United States for business-to-business matchmaking with U.S. companies exhibiting at major industry trade shows.

Twenty-six trade shows from a variety of industries and locations across the country are designated as IBP events for 2014.

The Farm Progress Show, the largest outdoor farm show in the U.S., will be held Aug. 26-28 in Boone, Iowa.

"We are honored to be selected to be among this elite group of trade shows," said Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national events manager.

He added, "The IBP program will bring a new level of international attention to those companies who participate in the Farm Progress Show."

The IBP program promotes their approved events to more than 170 countries worldwide in an effort to attract international buyers interested in the latest and most advanced agriculture technologies and products.

"The U.S. Department of Commerce is committed to assisting U.S. companies at the Farm Progress Show establish export connections that lead to U.S. export sales,” said Mark Wells, IBP project officer, U.S. Department of Commerce.

He added, “Behind every U.S. export, is a job, a family. That's the heart of why we support U.S. domestic trade shows, like the Farm Progress Show. It doesn't get any more important than that."

Some other U.S.-based shows selected for the IBP program include Graphics of the Americas, MODEX, Natural Products Expo East and the 52nd Annual National RV Trade Show.

For more information please visit International Buyer Program.

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