Glebe Island Receives Mostly Positive Reviews After Inaugural Fair

March 9, 2014

According to reports in the Sydney Morning Herald, Glebe Island Expo’s inaugural event, the Reed Gift Fair Sydney February, which took place at the 25,000 m2 interim venue in Sydney has successfully concluded – with only some minor complaints received from attendees’ feedback.

The most common issue attendees faced at the five-day trade show, held from 15th to 19th February 2014, centred on delays caused by transportation. The main modes of transportation to the venue consist of the free shuttle bus and ferry services, as well as limited paid parking on-site. According to some reports, visitors had to wait up to 90 minutes for the bus service.

Debbie Evans, managing director of Reed Exhibitions Australia, acknowledged issues such as the scheduling of buses and ferries were to be expected, but was pleased with the new site overall, adding, “…we jumped onto them really quickly.  The feedback we got from Tuesday onwards was really very positive.”

The interim venue is currently scheduled to host up to 120 events over the coming three years while the full-scale renovation continues at the Darling Harbour site.

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