Instant Video Sharing on Instagram

June 23, 2013

Instagram announced a new feature this week that allows users to take up to 15 seconds of video. Users also will have the option to add a filter to the video before sharing.  Read all of the details in their press release.

There are similar apps already available on the market: Vine for Twitter and Cinemagram. This doesn’t worry Instagram though.  They feel the video tools will be one more reason for their fans to remain loyal. Instagram is currently popular with the masses for its easy to use photo capturing, editing and sharing tools.

You may ask, “What can you share in 15 seconds?” You would be surprised! 

There are many ways this new feature can be used to enhance your event marketing, communication and customer service, as well as the attendees’ and exhibitor’s experience.  And it’s so easy to use; anyone can post videos in seconds, even the most technically challenged. Just a few ideas that come to mind:

- Share a clip of a speaker’s speech.

- Post a snippet of your event’s gala entertainment.

-Greet your exhibitors and attendees with a video welcome message.

- Show attendees how to find important information on your website.

-Share a video scan of the enormous crowd waiting outside your event doors on opening morning.

If your association, company or event is currently not on Instagram, I suggest giving it a second look today. You may be missing an opportunity to interact with your fans (aka: event participants) and to grow your fan base.



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