MediaMobz’s GLX Video Platform Helps Budget-Conscious Events Create Online Content

August 17, 2018

Event organizers take notice: you know how it can be difficult to find a videography team to direct, record and edit multiple panel sessions, meetings and events, especially in different parts of the world, all while staying on budget? 

Enter MediaMobz’s GLX, a new cloud-based video content marketing production, collaboration, distribution and measurement platform that allows organizers to find high-quality videography teams, collaborate quickly with project stakeholders with easy DIY editing and distribute their video, all in oneaffordable platform. 

Not only does GLX allow event marketers to deliver their messages quickly and effectively, but also help boost consumer engagement and drive sales. And that’s also good news for the 53 percent of people surveyed by HubSpot who want to see more video content from marketers, according MediaMobz officials.

“We created GreenLightXpress (GLX) because we saw a huge, unfilled need for a comprehensive, easy-to-use and very economical video production and marketing platform for the increasing number of people out there creating their own online content,” said Mike Osborne, CEO of MediaMobz. 

He continued, “One of the spaces we saw obvious potential is in the meetings, trade shows and conventions industry, where there are so many diverse needs for video and where our streamlined platform, cost savings and ability to drive sales could be a perfect solution.” 

GLX not only makes working with video now easier, streamlined and more cost-effective, but can also help event organizers save approximately 74 percent in post-production costs (a savings based on the cost of video professionals and system rental costs over three days, considering the system rendering/compression speed for 60-minute session videos, with a deadline of delivering the session to YouTube within 24 hours for approximately 50 sessions), Osborne added. 

GLX allows users to do the following:

  • The Library (LIB): House all approved assets (video, audio, photos) and unlock creative opportunities.
  • Interactive Transcripts (INT): Generate and edit text transcripts from uploaded video; find and edit video clips based on transcripts (simply by highlighting text). 
  • MediaMyx (MYX): Cut clips, add music, voice overs, b-roll, bumpers, lower-thirds (graphic overlays) and automatic smooth transitions between clips and more. MYX is a pro-level tool that doesn’t require pro-level training.
  • The Screening Room (SCR): Speed up time to distribution by allowing diverse groups to efficiently view, comment upon and approve content. 
  • Creative Marketplace (CMP): Get instant access to several thousand experts, vetted creatives (writers, editors, producers, shooters, etc.) who are ready to bid on any project.
  • Insights + (INS): Have SEO capabilities via transcription services, distribution capabilities to social via Facebook and Twitter integrations, as well as web distribution and analytics via M-Pages. 
  • Save money: GLX makes videography costs for events with many sessions, road shows or multi city/world tours much more affordable. Instead of having an onsite video editor/producer for seven cities for a two-day event (with one Editor with edit system, and one Producer, travel and fees can be $54,800, according to MediaMobz officials), using a MediaMobz GLX Remote Editor and one Remote Producer can save 85 percent of that cost.

Chad Summervill, former HP Enterprise digital events manager (now founding consultant with was in charge of multiple events happening simultaneously in different cities including two in Boston and one in Washington, D.C., two of which were customer events that had between 1,200-2,000 attendees and a third that was a partner event with approximately 2,500 attendees. 

Each event had multiple sessions that needed to be recorded, which Summervill would then need to edit into packages. The problem was that HP was cutting budgets and could not send video production teams to each location, so this had real implications on Chad’s budgets and time.

Summervill knew he couldn’t send teams of editors without incurring impossible costs and failing deadlines, so when he heard that the MediaMobz GLX platform could save him money, time and offered “cloud editing,” decided to give it a try.  

MediaMobz’s GLX captured all three of the HP Enterprise events’ content and Chad and his team of two – one in France and the other in Romania – were able to download and edit the files from anywhere. 

This resulted in the seamless production of more than 30 videos in 24 hours, including shooting, editing, approvals and distribution, all from one central site.

“The MediaMobz’s GLX cloud-based platform allowed us to manage video content captured at multiple events happening simultaneously,” Summervill explained. “The ability to edit and review our event content remotely, allowing staff to be anywhere, saved us thousands of dollars and gave us the flexibility to do more with less.”

He added, “If you are capturing event content with multiple breakout rooms over multiple days, I highly recommend GLX for your post-production workflow.”


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