Messe Frankfurt Offers New Digital Exhibitor and Product Search

May 13, 2013

Since the beginning of 2013, Messe Frankfurt has offered its customers a completely new exhibitor and product search on its events' websites. With the new service, it is possible to search with a search term according to product groups, new products, names and location of exhibitors, or even according to special interests.            

Visitors and Exhibitors easily can search and discover what the trade fair offers that is of specific interest to them. Within the listings, exhibitors have the opportunity to create complete profiles and even place their products or advertising formats with target groups in mind.

Kai Hattendorf, head of the “Digital Business” division at Messe Frankfurt, said, “The response to the new services has exceeded all expectations: in the first few weeks the number of search enquiries has already passed the million mark. The proportion of searches in relation to the traffic as a whole is substantially more than 20 percent within the time frame of the events."

Messe Frankfurt has created its own department, which unifies the digital developments and services for their trade fairs, conventions and events under a single umbrella: dexperty. Dexperty is the new Messe Frankfurt brand under which the Group will now be offering a wide range of digital services for its customers.

With a view specifically to the growing importance of  "business matching", trade fair and conference organizers invariably back up their events with bigger and bigger digital networks and platforms. These enable exhibitors and customers to conduct a targeted exchange of views beyond the actual period of the trade fair on 365 days in the year.

Hattendorf said, "following the increasing trend towards mobilization, we are providing event-related apps for our trade fairs. These offer not only the services that  accompany the trade fair, such as exhibitor search for visitors, but also options for forging contacts and networking."

To help visitors and exhibitors make those contacts and network effectively, dexperty introduced functions in the apps for making targeted contacts during trade fairs, the “Buddy Finder” service.

Dexperty’s portfolio also includes productpilot.com, productpilot.tv, special interest services, mobile apps and optimized advertizing options on the Messe Frankfurt online platforms.

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