MGM Launches Stay Well Meeting Rooms to Provide Health Benefits to Attendees

August 29, 2014

Sparkling water infused with dragonfruit, citrus and flowers were a hit at the launch of the wellness-focused Stay Well Meeting rooms Aug. 18 at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The program was created in collaboration with Delos, dubbed a pioneer in wellness real estate, and Dr. Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine guru.

“With the creation of the Stay Well Meetings program, we have made a breakthrough in the design and approach of business meetings,” said Delos Founder Paul Scialla. “These features not only provide health benefits to attendees, but also lead to increased productivity, creativity and collaboration.”

While there’s no stationary bike in site, the space has been redesigned to make meetings less stressful. From special lighting to ergonomic chairs and organic food, every element was aimed at helping attendees be productive.

Here are some of the key features:

Circadian lighting and chromatherapy. The idea is to tap into the “built-in clock” of the brain that regulates our activity cycles by providing the right combination of blue and orange light that emulates natural light.

Well Shield and new cleaning protocols.  Well Shield is “a photo-catalytic coating applied to surfaces that triggers oxidation to essentially self-clean and destroy odors and volatile organic compounds.” An air-purification system gets rid of allergens and microbes. Where the shield and air-purified didn’t get them, an UV wand cleaning tool will.

Stay Well App. It calculates a customer program to minimize the effects of jet lag based on the travel itinerary, alerts when you’re short on vitamin D and offers access to a wealth of knowledge from Cleveland Clinic.

Beyond the physical aspects, the program offers a different mindset that makes wellness at meetings a priority and offers a few easy ways to incorporate it:

Digital detox. Attendees are given specific time intervals to disconnect from technology.

Physical activity breaks. Research shows that even five seconds of intense exercise can be beneficial. Activity breaks can be customized to the length of the meeting.

Guided meditation: Meditation narrated by Deepak Chopra encourages attendees to relax and can help enhance focus.

So far, Stay Well meeting space takes up about 18,000 square feet, with plans for expansion. Overall, MGM Grand offers more than 600,000 square feet of flexible meeting space.

Mike Dominguez, senior vice president of corporate hotel sales for MGM Resorts International, said that the program is a natural extension of the already successful hotel wellness program.

“The overwhelmingly positive guest response to MGM Grand’s Stay Well Rooms encouraged us to expand Stay Well features to the meeting spaces and programming so groups can benefit from the proven offerings,” he added.  “Meetings and conventions is a significant segment for MGM Resorts and the team is proud to be home to the industry’s first Stay Well Meetings at MGM Grand. Attendees will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, while traveling and enjoy an enhanced meetings experience."

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