Mobile App Provider Core-apps Acquires GoExpo

August 25, 2013

Arnold, Md.-based mobile app provider Core-apps has decided to expand by acquiring Las Vegas-based event software management company GoExpo.

“Core-apps is excited to offer the GoExpo software as our own. Our customers kept asking us to develop this type of offering so they would not have to manage multiple vendors to get their event done,” said Jay Tokosch, Core-apps CEO and co-founder.

He added, “We looked at many options, but GoExpo’s comprehensive platform blew us away. I had a couple other industry experts review their software package and they confirmed it was better than anything they had seen on the market, I knew this was the way to go.”

GoExpo offers a software product that provides floor plan setup with booth sales, session and user schedule building, e-newsletter, exhibitor invitations, matchmaking, hosted buyer programming, sponsorship sales and integrated financials.

GoExpo already is integrated with Core-apps wayfinder and mobile app products.

“We are both known for being easy to work with, so our customers win on all fronts,” said Steve Goulder, GoExpo co-founder.

“Both companies are known for their great customer service and that is highlighted by our ability to openly share content with others,” said Core-apps President and Co-founder Jesse Snipper.

He added, “In typical Core-apps fashion, Event Organizers will save money on many fronts as a result of this acquisition. This savings comes from our ability to bundle our services together, as well as offering our web services at no cost when working with third party vendors.”

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