Some More Items to Make Sure You Pack in Your Trade Show Toolkit

September 22, 2012

I read a funny blog post on ‘Did you pack your trade show tool kit?’  It made me think that there are probably a few more items that need to be added to this list to make it complete.


1. Fabric softener mix – I learned from a competitor of mine a few years ago that the best way to remove the static that is on carpets after the plastic is taken off (and after many shoes traverse the booth) is a 50/50 mixture of fabric softener and water. Have a spray bottle and just go to work. It kills the static, smells great and won’t mess up the carpet. You do that and you will look like a genius.


2.  Baby wipes – That same competitor (God love Nancy!) also told me that if you have a stain on your sign or you get a worker who puts up your white sign without the gloves, grab a couple of baby wipes. It will take out practically anything. I have seen it take coffee off of a shirt. Another great invention and a genius – maker!


3. Individual hand sanitizers – How many times does your booth staff have to shake hands with people? The ‘individual’ is key – they can keep it in their jacket or pocket and you don’t have an unsightly hand sanitizer bottle sitting out (or dripping in your front desk cabinet). Keeps people happy. You can get these branded and have alot in your booth as well.


4. Thumb drives – If you need to copy something, download something from a customer, or just take a file to Kinkos to get printed, you will need several of these. If you have branded ones and they end up walking away with a prospect, at least they have a branded promo item from your booth. They are not costly, and I would have at least 25 in hand.


5. Umbrella – If you have a VIP that wants to go out for coffee with members of your executive team, and it happens to be raining, they can be given an umbrella. This too can be branded (how nice would that be, to give that to the VIP so that s/he can get to the car dry!), and you can have several of these in your booth.


Notice how I have tool kititems that can second as promo items? Why lose any touch point with your prospect base if you can help it! So make sure you think, and then pack it!


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