Speecheo Wins Inaugural Technology Showdown at IMEX America

October 24, 2014

Among the hundreds of events held at and around the record-breaking IMEX America last week in Las Vegas, the inaugural Technology Showdown featured 11 start-up companies whose products were less than 2 years old.

Speecheo, an app that allows attendees to make notes on PowerPoints during educational sessions, won the “experts” award. 

As the winner, Speecheo won a free booth for next year’s IMEX America Tech Pavilion, promotion in IMEX publications and the Event Manager Blog.

Crowdmics, an app that turns a smartphone into a microphone, was crowned crowd favorite.  They also won the Society of Independent Show Organizer’s Innovation Battlefield that was held during the Executive Conference in Atlantic City in August.  

Culled from 30 entrees, the other nine finalists for the Technology Showdown were: InitLive which helps to control and monitor event volunteers; GruupMeet which helps manage multiple meetings; Attendify, event apps that drive engagment; Planning Pod featuring 26 different meeting planner tools and the ability to share information across devices; Topi, a social connecting app; Eversnap, a photo aggregating and archiving app; Sli.do a meetings audience engagement app enabling the audience to question speakers and make comments live; and Speaker Sponsor, a marketplace app connecting speakers with small business sponsors for targeted meetings and conferences.

Each entry was allowed a two-minute demonstration, then the audience voted through the IMEX App, Twitter and via text for the crowd favorite.

A distinguished panel of industry tech experts: Julius Solaris, Miguel Neves, Liz King, Dahlia El Gazzar and Brandt Krueger, decided the winner.

The Technology Showdown was sponsored by IMEX America and the Event Manager Blog.

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