T3 Expo Launches T3 Tracker Trade Show Shipping Solution

April 13, 2017

T3 Expo and Intelligent Product Solutions have developed T3 Tracker, a new mobile app solution designed to help trade show exhibitors and organizers track, locate or find shipped items at convention venues in an easy, hassle-free and systematic way.

Currently available on the Google Android platform, the app is intended to solve the frustration and anxiety experienced by marketing executives and event organizers trying to locate goods that have been “dropped” at a trade show location with hundreds of thousands of other deliveries in a building that can be more than a million square feet.

“T3 Tracker now allows event coordinators to track and find packages, anywhere on the show floor,” explained Chris Valentine, CEO of T3 Expo, a general service contractor for trade shows and corporate events.

He continued, “The new app allows faster turn around and greater sharing of accurate information and ease of tracking, all delivering peace of mind for any tradeshow organizer.”

Intended for use by T3 Expo employees or contractors working on a show site or advanced warehouse, T3 Tracker becomes activated after the mail carrier marks trade show packages as delivered.

The mail carrier tracking number is associated with a T3 Tracker number and uses a custom RFID application, which was created by IPS.

The mobile app then begins providing information on the location of the packages – previously tagged prior to shipping with special RFID labels – en route to the tradeshow booth, including their condition and when they will arrive at the exhibit. 

In the case of misplaced items, a T3 Expo worker can easily find any “lost” packages by following the app’s alerts that enable the user to home in on the packages’ exact location inside the building.

Additional T3 Tracker features include the ability to:

·      Track shipment status

·      Report exceptions (missing package, damage to shipment, etc.) via email

·      Automatically report the details of shipments to central data store at T3

·      Attach descriptions or photos of exceptions 

·      Scan shipper barcodes and save to T3 database

“We were excited to incorporate our unique design thinking into an innovative app for T3 Expo that will help transform the tradeshow industry as we know it,” said Bob Wild, vice president of electrical, software and systems engineering at IPS, a product development company that provides software and hardware engineering and industrial design services.

He continued, “Customers can now get end-to-end reporting of material shipped by T3 Expo, from shipping to delivery at the location of assembly, for their event. When we were asked to design, create and help pioneer something groundbreaking for T3 Expo and its customers, it was all about helping save important and valuable time and effort, while incorporating disruptive innovation to how things have ‘always been done.’”

To see T3 Tracker in action, check out this video.

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