Tap Into Your Organic Follower Demographics on Social Media

August 31, 2015

Do you know your audience on social media well? Chances are your instinctive reaction to this question is – ‘Of course, we do’. But do you really know your audience demographics inside out? More often than not, social marketers tend to focus on people who proactively engage with their content. But if you are not delving deep into what drives and engages your entire fan base, then you may be missing out on big opportunities to find common ground with your followers and engage them with content that’s truly meaningful to them.

Considering and analyzing your audience base in terms of gender, age, geographical location and interests enables you to understand the type of creative content you should develop, the kinds of sponsored promotions you should launch, and the kinds of audiences you need to further develop for marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Though detailed analytics and insights are typically available only with paid promotions, most social media services provide enough generic demographics information to draw intelligent inferences about your audiences.

In fact, Twitter now provides detailed insights into the interests, demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior and mobile footprint. In this recent blog post, Andrew Bragdon, Twitter’s Product Manager, Revenue provides an overview of the newly launched audience insights dashboard which can help marketers understand their existing audience as well as find relevant audiences for upcoming campaigns.

Of course, to maintain user privacy, the data is available only as aggregate insights. But that doesn’t detract from your ability to draw meaningful inferences on what kind of content engrosses your followers, what type of brands engage them, which verticals engage them and what kind of technology environment envelops them. 

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