Tips on Multi-year, Multi-event Attendee Engagement

March 23, 2014

At the recent IAEE DC Chapter’s luncheon meeting, a2z’s vice president of Professional Services, Angi Carr, shared some important strategies for multi-year and multi-event attendee engagement. Here are the key insights from her presentation:

  1. Know what engages and re-engages your attendees
    Events are not just about products, services and education. In fact, they are mostly about people. To know what draws your audience, focus on what’s important to them, and what brings them to your event.
  2. Provide smart, integrated tools
    Provide solutions that are easy to navigate and fast to use. Technology should be there not to awe, but to help your attendees achieve their event goals.
  3. Use the power of data analysis
    Mine your website and mobile app analytics to figure out what engaged your audience the most. Understand the behavior and demographics of the people who are viewing and engaging with your content.
  4. Leverage email automation and surveys
    Use the power of marketing automation to execute a well-planned email-based promotional campaigns and surveys. Review and compare the campaign reports to gauge the audience engagement level.
  5. Let your event app & website live post-show
    Many event websites go to almost zero content immediately after the event is over. A simple thank you message is not the right way to thank event participants for staying invested in your brand. Continue to display and grow your videos, photos, blog posts, event highlights and survey results from the previous event even as you build content for the upcoming one. Invite attendees to view, comment and share your content with their peers.

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