TSNN Complimentary Webinar April 10 @ 1pm - "Record–Breaking Attendance: How Did They Do It? – Marketing Secrets"

March 31, 2012

Trade Show News Network will host the newest online event for its 2012 FREE Webinar Series with “Record–Breaking Attendance: How Did They Do It? – Marketing Secrets” at 1pm EST April 10th.

Click HERE to register for the free webinar. The webinar is courtesy of MarketArt and Onstream Media Corporation - Creators of Marketplace365.

What do the National Retail Federations Retail’s BIG Show, the National Shooting Sports Foundations SHOT Show and AHR Expo all have in common? All three shows not only had attendance increases at their recent events, compared with last year, but each one broke all-time attendance records. Now that the economy has improved, shows are seeing more people flock to the show floor, but how did these shows manage to get so many to take part?

TSNN President and Editor-in-Chief Rachel Wimberly will address this topic and many more with speakers Libby Landen, vice president of Strategic Marketing for the National Retail Federation; Chris Dolnack, senior vice president & chief marketing officer at National Shooting Sports Foundation & Roger Halligan, CEO of H+A International, a strategic marketing firm that worked on AHR Expo, as well as several other successful shows.

Attendance marketing is the key, and here are just some of the questions that will be answered during the webinar:

  • What types of marketing did they utilize that drew the most attendees to the show?
  • How did social media play a role?
  • What attendee marketing didn’t work?
  • How did technology play a role?
  • Is direct mail still in play? What about e-mail?
  • What were some lessons learned that they hope will lead to even more attendees at next year’s show?

This webinar is just the latest in a series of free webinars offered by Trade Show News Network on hot-button industry topics.

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