What Is Augmented Reality Technology? What Can It Offer the Event Industry?

May 19, 2013

You have likely heard the buzz around Google’s Glass lately, but Google is not the only company diving into the augmented reality arena. Augmented reality technology is the integration of computer generated data and images with real-world video and information in real –time.

One of the simplest and earliest uses of augmented reality was the use of the yellow first-down line in NFL televised games. Since this many industries have implemented augmented reality technology to enhance their customer experiences.

Barbie has developed an augmented reality mirror that allows children to put pretend makeup on their own reflection. Other companies are developing augmented reality apps that will allow shoppers to view a couch or other piece of furniture in their own living room before making a purchase.  

The Royal Challengers Bangalore, an Indian cricket team, recently offered its fans enhanced feature event tickets that allowed them to see the stadium in 3-D, get local parking and traffic information, shop the team store and view event highlights.

Just last year, the New York Giants used augmented reality to send their fans virtual Super Bowl rings.

It won’t be long before augmented reality applications are used on a daily basis. The opportunities for the event industry are many.  Just imagine your attendees being able to hold their phone up and see on their screen what sessions are currently taking place and where. To be able to scan the exhibit floor and see in seconds where the exhibitors who carry the products they are interested in are located.  

Your attendees could scan a 2-D image of the show floor even before the event starts and see a 3D version of the floor. And when the show floor closes they can scan the local area to see where the closest after party is being held. The list could go on.

Keep your ears and eyes tuned for upcoming developments in augmented reality that can enrich attendee and exhibitor experiences at your event.

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