Food And Nutrition 2018

“Investigating The Interrelationship Of Food, Nutrition and Health To Feed The Future Generation “
2018-10-22 - 2018-10-23
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European Food And Nutrition Congress
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European Food and Nutrition Congress will be held in  Vienna , Austria during  October 22-23 ,2018.


European Food and Nutrition is an extraordinary event designed for scientists, researchers, nutritionists, engineers and health professionals to facilitate the dissemination and proper application of research findings related to a proper diet for a healthy lifestyle. The conference invites participants from universities, hospitals, food industries and clinical research institutions to share their research experiences  and ideas on all aspects of this rapidly expanding.


It will bring together world-class nutritionist, doctors , scientists, engineers, professors to discuss , to learn and share about the current issues , look at new advancement and their efficiency that will help to improve the health for the human species around the globe. The increasing awareness of the health benefits and nutritional value is to done as it is one the most integral part for a healthy life style.  European Food and Nutrition is designed to provide a diverse and current education that will keep updated to the professionals associated with this field.

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