NAB Show Finds Year-round News Feed Valuable Way to Engage Attendees

February 9, 2014

The National Association of Broadcasters was looking for a way of extending the presence of its annual NAB Show past the days on the showfloor and found the solution in IndustryTracker.

ExpoBee’s IndustryTracker is a year-round news feed that includes news from all exhibitors, as well as industry blogs and publications, and the tool is also highly beneficial for attendee planning and post-show follow-up.

The tool uses information provided by attendees themselves to filter out less relevant information and news items and focus on giving each individual reader information in his/her specific area(s) of interest.

“It’s an efficient and effective way to deliver important and pertinent exhibitor news and information to our show audience online, on-demand and 24/7,” said Chris Brown, executive vice president, Conventions and Business Operations, NAB.

He added, “Think of it as a personalized news platform for each member of the media and entertainment community,”

IndustryTracker is a highly innovative tool that enables industry professionals to consume relevant, industry-focused exhibitor news.

Attendees simply choose the exhibitor categories, exhibiting companies and topics they care about most; IndustryTracker does the rest by creating a comprehensive industry newsfeed that is at the same time personalized, easy-to-follow and saves time and effort.

“We’re always looking for new and better ways to serve our customers,” Brown said.

He added. “This is a value-added service we’re providing to our exhibitors so that now, their booth rental fee provides benefits not only during the show but year-round as well.”

Rick Dobson, ExpoBee vice president of sales USA, said that the system’s information is updated continually and built-in filters ensure that only the most important, relevant, and current exhibitor and industry news is provided.

“IndustryTracker also provides each exhibiting company with its own ‘Dashboard,’ showing how many news articles have been redistributed from its Web site, how many people have read those articles, how many people are specifically ‘tracking’ their news and how much exposure they are receiving relative to other exhibitors,” he added.

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