New Event Tech Companies: Entries Open for SISO Event Innovation Battlefield

April 27, 2014

The Society of Independent Show Organizers now is accepting entries for its acclaimed SISO Event Innovation Battlefield, in which the overall winner will be named at the association’s Executive Leadership Conference Aug. 13 at the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City.

At this year’s SISO Event Innovation Battlefield, companies will present their breakthrough event technologies or new business models before an audience of SISO attendees.

“The Event Innovation Battlefield is an important motivational hub for innovation, ideas, talent and products,” said Lew Shomer, executive director of SISO.

He added, “It gives our members the ability to see what’s on the drawing boards now that will drive our industry in the future. And, not only does it give SISO the chance to attract the right companies interested in investing in our industry, we can also help incubate, develop and assist in the delivery of products and services to the market. It’s a win-win-win which will advance the event industry.”

SISO is using the GUST Platform (https://gust.com/organizations/siso/apply) to collect ideas and presenters, as well as reaching out into their industry database to attract candidates to present at this unique program.

SISO attendees will be introduced to the new innovations during a session where four vetted presenters will unveil their concept, creativity and the benefits of their products.

After a brief critique by a panel of experts, the audience will cast their vote for the product and presentation they found most impactful. Winners will be announced immediately.

The 2013 winner was Picatic -  a company that developed a program that helps existing events with more revenue generation by creating opportunities to spawn new 'tracks' or 'side' events off the original event.

The Event Innovation Battlefield now is a permanent feature of the Leadership Conference, which features presentations, hard-hitting discussions, voting and an awards ceremony.

Only companies that are NEW TO MARKET or in LAST STAGE DEVELOPMENT and have completed the application process and have been nominated to present will showcase their innovations.

The Battlefield is the brainchild of David Adler, SISO board member and CEO of BizBash, and Marco Giberti, past-president of Reed Latin America, and  is designed to keep SISO members ahead of the curve when it comes to developing creative, business-enhancing ideas, according to SISO officials.

“This is a way we can get forward thinking ideas in front of the people who can make things happen in a very short period of time,” Adler said. “I feel this annual competition will add value to the Leadership Conference as well as widen the appeal of the entire qualified SISO membership.”

 The company that claims the coveted Event Innovation Battlefield title will have the opportunity to be mentored by SISO leaders and gain access to some of the largest companies in the event industry.

 Likewise, the winning presenters will enjoy a complete program of recognition through the SISO website and the event industry press.


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