Pico Far East’s Revenue Up 10% in 2015

February 9, 2016

Hong Kong-listed Pico Far East announced 2015 annual results, ended on 31st October 2015. The company reported total revenue of US$544 million, increased by 10% year-on-year.

The strong revenue growth is mainly driven by its Exhibition and Event Marketing business – which accounted for half of the growth. Accounting for 70% of the business, Pico’s Exhibition and Event Marketing business grew by 7.5% to US$383 million. A key highlight was Pico’s Conference and Show Management Business which contributed US$34 million – doubled from the 2014 figure.

Despite strong revenue growth, Pico Far East reported its gross profit margin was 28.6% - down from 29.7% in 2014. The company posted net profit growth of 14% during the year, reaching US$35 million. Diluted earnings per share for the year were HK$0.225 (US$0.029).

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