Sydney Showground Will Add Exhibition Space to Existing Footprint

April 22, 2013

Sydney Showground officials took the opportunity at the recent Exhibition and Events Association of Australasia 2013 Leaders Forum to announce they were adding 8,000 square meters of exhibition space onto their facility, with a total footprint of 11,000 sq. m. added.

With the additions, the new space will be 30,000 sq. m., making it the largest in Sydney.

Peter Thorpe, Sydney Showground’s general manager, said the EEAA Leaders Forum provided the perfect platform to announce their plans.

“With more than  50 industry leaders present, all engaged in two days of leadership and business planning, the forum provided an excellent opportunity for us to ensure our planning is robust and future focused and that our infrastructure is capable of meeting business needs and demands,” he added.

Joyce DiMascio, general manager of EEAA, said the new facilities would allow Sydney Showground to attract new events and to meet the demand for space to stage events in the expanding exhibition and event industry.

“The significant investment in infrastructure for exhibitions and events is a very positive sign for the continued expansion of the industry,” DiMascio said.

She added, “Increased capacity offers new opportunities for organisers and suppliers as well as improved visitor and exhibitor experiences.”

The new building is to be located next to the Dome and Halls with details of intended design to be released at the conclusion of the tender period in mid to late May 2013.

Following the closure of the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre in December 2013, Sydney Harbour Expo at Glebe Island will provide 25,000 sq. m. of space and now the Sydney Showground will also provide additional new space.

“The news of Sydney Showground expansion plans comes at a time when the landscape for venues in Sydney is changing substantially,” DiMascio said. “The EEAA has long-advocated the merits of dual precinct strategy for major expos. We welcome the announcement at the EEAA Leaders Forum.”


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