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May 15, 2016

Have you been tuned out from what’s happening in the technology space recently? Here is some not-to-be-missed news, as well as trends and stats on leading media companies and services.

In a post published on Google’s blog, the search engine company announced that it is tightening the integration between Search Console and Google Analytics. This will enable web marketers to see the full range of acquisition, behavior and conversion metrics for their paid and organic search traffic within one landing page.

According to an analysis published by Statista.com this month, Facebook continues to be the preferred choice for social media advertising, outpacing Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This analysis was based on a survey of 454 digital marketers across 8 countries.

Amazon has launched a new service for brands and users to post videos and get paid for the views on its Prime Video channels. Clearly, after taking on Netflix in the standalone video subscription business, Amazon is setting its sights on YouTube’s territory.

According to LinkedIn, the United States is its biggest market followed by India and China. Based on a chart published by the popular professional networking site, it currently has 128M+ subscribers in the US. The company’s talent solutions continue to be its strongest revenue generator, contributing 65 percent of its 2016 Q1 revenue.

Per data released by Snapchat, more than 60 percent of 13 to 34-year-old users who own smartphones also are Snapchat users. The company recently has  released Chat 2.0, enabling instant talking and video chatting alongside its texting feature. Snapchat already is closing in on Facebook with 7 billion mobile video views each day from its 100 million daily users (vs. Facebook's 8 million views and 1.55 billion users).

AppReviewTimes.com, a service that analyzes user-submitted data, published a report that indicates that Apple may be drastically shortening the average app approval time on its App Store from two weeks to two days. The change, if it becomes a norm, will bring Apple more in line with its key competitor – Google Play, which historically has done a much better job of providing faster support to developers.

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