Crunchyroll Expo 2017

2017-08-25 - 2017-08-27
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Crunchyroll, the largest anime streaming company in the world, is launching a convention! Crunchyroll Expo brings anime fans together for three days of exhibits, screenings, panels, and guest appearances by some of the biggest personalities in the US and Japan. Crunchyroll Expo is a showcase of the best of what Japanese animation and pop culture has to offer – as well as unique elements, events, and experiences never seen before at an anime con. Join us for a celebration of anime, manga, games, guests, cosplay, and so much more!

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Crunchyroll is the largest home for anime online. With one million paid subscribers and 20 million registered users, Crunchyroll fans spend billions of minutes per month watching anime, reading manga, participating in discussions, and catching up on the latest Japanese pop culture news. Crunchyroll’s library is stuffed with the latest simulcasts straight from Japan each season as well as over 800 shows including Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, and Attack on Titan. All these (and more!) can be watched online or on the Crunchyroll app available for iOS, Android, Kindle, Playstation 4, Xbox One, AppleTV, Roku, and more. Our HQ is in San Francisco – right next door to Santa Clara!

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