Engaging Presentations: Speaking with Confidence, Credibility, Impact Workshop 2018

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Conference Relations Executive
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+65 6592 7366

Join us at this interactive 2-day workshop to acquire proven methods and techniques to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness of your business presentations. Led by Malcolm Andrews, an Executive Communication Coach, identify your personal speaking style and learn how to build on it to achieve optimal presentation outcomes. Gain new insights on how to increase audience engagement to avoid one-dimensional speeches. Discover how to apply the content planning process to ensure that your objectives are met. Don’t miss the chance to adopt strategies in nonverbal communication, designing effective PowerPoint slides, managing nerves and tackling Q&A.

Learn Proven Solutions which you can take back and Implement:

  • Incorporating Q&A as an integral engagement strategy
  • Avoid being blindsided: How to plan and prepare for difficult questions
  • Structuring your content to keep it concise without sacrificing critical points
  • Using storytelling to make your presentation objectives go further
  • Building your personal style into the storytelling format
  • Calming your nerves: Creating a checklist of audience objectives
  • Applying 3 feature applications to avoid wordy PowerPoint presentations
  • Designing presentation materials that enhances your personal style
  • Matching your vocal pitch, volume, tone and body movement to your audience
  • No hard selling: Influencing and persuading your audience indirectly


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Sporting events are no longer the most preferred target for terrorists, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Outdoor events, conferences, festivals, and other events featuring public figures are all vulnerable. And with over a thousand different-level attacks since 2015, it’s no surprise that safety and security are among the top concerns for event professionals.