2016-09-20 - 2016-09-23
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glasstec is not only the world?s largest trade fair for the glass industry and its suppliers but also the most international event. There is no better platform for presenting product innovations, forward-looking processing techniques and new glass applications to trade visitors from around the globe. All of which also means that this world No. 1 event is of equal interest to manufacturers of glass machinery, the glass industry and glass craftsmen.
Attendee information
Visitor target groups Mechanical engineering ?Manufacturers of machines for glass production / production technology ?Manufacturers of machines for glass processing and refinement ?Manufacturers of tools, spare parts and wearing parts ?Manufacturers of measurement and control technology for mechanical engineering ?Consulting/ engineering for mechanical engineering Manufacturing, Processing, Finishing ?Manufacturers of base glass ?Manufacturers of processed and refined glass ?Glass suppliers (chemicals industry, metal construction, building material suppliers) Crafts ?Glass refiners ?Glass apparatus construction ?Glass trade ?Specialised trade for building components ?Window construction ?Door and gate construction ?Metal construction ?Wood and plastic processing crafts ?Alternative energy generation (workmanship) Architecture + Construction ?Architecture ?Planning ?Interior design ?Furniture industry ?Trade fair construction and shop fitters ?Construction industry (construction engineers and structural engineers) Windows + Facades ?Facade engineering ?Metal construction ?Window construction Solar ?Manufacturers of solar primary products and components ?Manufacturers of solar end products ?Manufacturers of solar systems (building integration of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy) ?Silicon manufacturers ?Ingot/wafer manufacturers ?Cell manufacturers (crystalline and thin-film) ?Panel manufacturers (crystalline and thin-film) ?Turnkey suppliers ?Facility planning/engineering and planning offices, as well as production suppliers ?Machine and plant engineering, as well as manufacturers of components ?Market and stock analysts ?Project developers and engineering and planning offices for the installation of large PV facilities, solar park investors, energy suppliers Miscellaneous ?Environment and recycling ?Research institutions/technical schools / universities ?Press / media ?Other services
Exhibitor information
?Glass manufacture/production technology ?Glass processing and finishing ?Tools, spare and maintenance parts ?Process control technology for glass and glass-processing machines ?Glass applications in the construction industry and fa?ade area ?Solar energy, transparent thermal insulation ?Display glass and laser technologies

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Until recently, the opportunity to have a celebrity attend an event, attach themselves to a name-brand or endorse a certain product or idea was untouchable. The thought of paying a person to promote a product was seen as something only Fortune 500 companies could afford. Social media has changed all that with brands and businesses utilizing celebrity influencers to connect directly with their demographics and increase sales and profits.