Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Europe

Realise the next generation of immune checkpoint modulators by attending ICI Europe.
2015-11-16 - 2015-11-18
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Assembling industry thought-leaders, ICI Europe will distil the latest insights and more advanced science on developing next generation immune checkpoint modulators. Coined as miracle drugs, Opdivo and Keytruda are recently approved treatments in Europe. Coupled with the many encouraging ICIs in company pipelines, we are on the cusp of revolutionising cancer treatment. With market approval feeling more obtainable than ever, rivalry to develop the next miracle ICI is fierce. Everyone is racing to be next to market. However, development hurdles are preventing the realisation of this next generation of checkpoint blockades. The ICI Europe meeting will help drug developers tackle these challenges and see significant pipeline development in the next 6 months. Download the full event guide to view the full speaker faculty and presentations. Attend this meeting to access industry intelligence, helping you to: Effectively selective responsive patients Effective in less than 30% of treated patients and with spiralling treatment costs it is imperative to identify responsive patients. More than this, to improve our understanding of why. ICI Europe will give you a comprehensive understanding of CTCs as a clinically predictive biomarker for solid tumours. Hear how CTCs could stratify patients and predict the efficacy of immune checkpoint blockades. Translate into the clinic confidently using humanized mouse models Modelling the immune system is highly complex. Current ‘status quo’ immune-compromised tumour models provide insufficient data. ICI Europe will improve the clinical predictability of your ICI drugs by teaching you how to develop robust immuno-competent mouse models. Improve your preclinical efficacy testing and accelerate your preclinical pipeline into the clinic. Improve the efficacy of your drug using combination therapies Combination therapies offer your drug superior efficacy for larger patient populations and overcome cancer resistance. Currently there is a lack of understanding on how to combine therapies with ICIs, and which combinations offer the most promise. Through industry case studies you will learn explore combining ICIs with radiation, oncoloytic viruses, cancer vaccines and more. Attend ICI Europe to propel your immuno-oncology drug pipeline to clinical and commercial success.

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