India Cold Chain Show 2016

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5th India Cold Chain Show is a global trade fair and conference for cold logistics, temperature controlling, cold storages, refrigeration, storage & distribution segments. Taking place on 10-11-12 December 2014 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra - the event is a networking, learning and business generation platform for cold chain community.
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? Agro Industries Corporations & Agriculture Department ? Animal Husbandry & Fisheries Department and Related Organisations ? Academic and Research Institutions ? Agri Financing Corporations ? Banks and Financial Institutions ? Cold Storage Owners ? Cold Chain Consultant ? Dairy Development & Related Organisations ? Manufacturers of Dairy Products ? Ports- Indian and international ? Shipping Companies ? Transport and Logistic Companies ? Supply Chain Solution Providers ? Government (Central, State Government Agencies & Departments) ? Horticulture Department & Related Organisations ? Hotels / Restaurants (including Fast Food Chains) ? Fruits, vegetables and Food grains exporters & importers ? Laboratories/ Healthcare centres ? Retail companies ? Manufacturers of Processed & Packaged Foods ? Pharmaceutical companies ? Progressive Farmers, Agro / Horticulture Producers ? Representatives of Growers Association of Fruits and Vegetables. ? Seafood
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? Air Curtains ? Blast Freezer Panel Manufacturing Equipment ? Clean Rooms & Allied Equipment ? Cold Chain Consultants & service provider ? Cold chain Packaging Solution ? Cold Rooms, Unit Coolers & Walk-in Coolers ? Cold chain Packaging Solution ? Compressors & Condensing Units ? Cooling Towers ? Data Loggers & Low-temperature instruments ? Duct Fabricating Machines ? Humidification & Dehumidification equipment ? Insulation Material ? Lifts & Conveyors Systems ? Prefabricated Ducts ? Pre-insulated Piping & Pipe Insulation ? PUF Panels & Insulated Doors ? Refrigerated Trucks ? Refrigeration Accessories ? Transport Refrigeration Solutions ? Water Treatment ? Weighing Systems

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