Livestock Cambodia 2016

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(+84) 0838427755
Livestock Cambodia will be taken place from 8th to 9th August 2016 at Phnom Penh Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Joining the international livestock cambodia exhibition is really great opportunites for: An ideal platform to promote your company, products and solutions to a highly targeted group of this market. Launch and present about your products and your services. Achieve better market understanding Find new customers, suppliers or distributors. Benefit from the event’s extensive marketing campaign. Business networking- face to face interaction is the best way to communicate and deliver clear messages, expand networks and develop business partnership Contact person:
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Feed Industry • Animal Husbandry • Animal Health • Veterinarians • Meat Processing • Trade and Distributor • Industry Supplier • Pig and Poultry Farmers • Aquaculture • Industry, University, Associatio • Dairy, Farm, Dairy Farmer
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Pig Farming Equipment Pig and Poultry Breeding Pig and Poultry Farming Pig and Poultry Processing System Feeding System Feed and Feed Ingredients Feed Additives and Premixes Milking system Disease Controls Animal Health and Pharmaceutical Products Packaging System Knowledge Transfer

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Until recently, the opportunity to have a celebrity attend an event, attach themselves to a name-brand or endorse a certain product or idea was untouchable. The thought of paying a person to promote a product was seen as something only Fortune 500 companies could afford. Social media has changed all that with brands and businesses utilizing celebrity influencers to connect directly with their demographics and increase sales and profits.