New York Student Government Training Conference 2018

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Venue: Hudson County Community College Culinary Conference Center, located at 161 Newkirk Street, Jersey City, NJ 07306.
At the 2018 New York Student Government Training Conference, you’ll improve your SG and network with peers amid the beautiful skyline and bright lights of the Big City. This weekend conference features nearly 10 intense hours of practical help, research, and advice on how to improve your Student Government and how to become more effective and influential on your campus.
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The 2018 New York Student Government Training Conference features: + More than 20 intensive workshops and roundtables designed to address the specific needs of your Student Government + Workshops for all levels of Student Governments: very evolved and strong SG, new SGs just starting out, and SGs trying to improve + Experienced and knowledgeable speakers from across the nation, all of whom are former SG leaders/advisors themselves + Workshops and presentations that directly apply to SG advisors and administrators + Private consulting by appointment + Extra built-in time to network and brainstorm with other SG leaders and advisors attending the conference + Plenty of free-time to experience all that the New York area has to offer + Personal attention from the ASGA’s passionate and personable presenters who have devoted their lives to serving and supporting collegiate Student Governments

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