Oncology Clinical Leaders Forum

Oncology Clinical Leaders Forum, 11-12 May, 2015, Brussels, Belgium
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This 2 day event will bring together experts from all stakeholder groups (i.e. researchers, regulators, patient groups, health technology assessors) for an important and timely debate and to share knowledge on how to overcome the massive scientific, operational, financial and economic obstacles to developing more effective, safe, affordable and patient-relevant oncology therapies to the patient. 3 EVENTS IN ONE: 1. Strategic Approaches to Enhance Cancer Clinical Development 2. Intelligent Early-Phase & Translational Oncology Clinical Development 3. Enhanced Oncology Trial Design, Patient Recruitment & Site Selection WHY ATTEND? 1. Join in important discussions with KOLs and investigators, regulators, health technology assessors, patient groups and trial sponsors to think outside the box to significantly improve cancer clinical development success rates. 2. Work-out the new-paradigm of what constitutes quality “evidence” in the eyes of regulators and payers, compared to just “data”, in order to satisfy unmet need and avoid “me-too” cancer drug development. 3. Understand how patient needs, as well as regulatory requirements and health economic evidence can be successfully incorporated into oncology drug trials. 4. Appreciate how innovative trial designs and approaches including personalized medicine, comparative effectiveness research and adaptive trials can enhance oncology innovation and clinical performance. 5. Discover how clinical trials can be enhanced from phase I to proof-of-concept studies, as well as advanced stage pivotal studies, from superior trial designs to successful operational delivery. Request agenda at http://oncology2015.nextlevelpharma.com/request-agenda or contact me directly for more information.

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