Ovarian Club V: Asia-Pacific Version: Preparing the ovaries for egg collection: integrating the science and the practice

Ovarian Club V: Asia-Pacific Version
2015-01-31 - 2015-02-01
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The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to the fifth Meeting of the Ovarian Club, which will be held in Hong Kong, January 31 - February 1, 2015. This time, the Meeting title is: Preparing the ovaries for egg collection: integrating the science and the practice. The Meeting will balance the best of oocyte-related science, from stem cells to matured eggs ready for harvest, fertilization, and beyond; and the new paradigm of changing our mind set from ovarian drug "stimulation” to getting optimum oocytes from patients presenting with different medical situations. The first IVF baby was conceived with a naturally ovulated egg. With the growth of the "trade,” ovarian stimulation using super-physiological drug dosage was adopted to achieve more consistent success in egg retrieval and usable embryos. It also supported more efficient management of the business. We paid the price with complications, both immediate and potential, with this uncontrolled aggressive practice. Over the last decade, laboratory culture and cryopreservation have significantly improved and have coupled with PGS. The future potential now rests on developments in genomics, proteinomics, metabolomics and time-lapse techniques. Plus, there is consensus to reduce the number of embryos implanted, to focus on improved quality and not quantity. Thus, if we move away from the stimulation mind set to preparing the ovary for egg collection and increasing the selection of drugs used in a controlled patient-centric dosage, we can focus on optimizing oocytes, and thus, start off on the right foot. This Ovarian Club meeting will again bring together a wealth of international experts, scientists and clinicians. You can expect to refresh your understanding of the background science and learn about future directions. You will come away with knowledge on both important protocols and the armory of drugs and their applications. You will understand how to minimize patient risk and complications while achieving better pregnancy success rates.

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