Ovarian Club VI

It's all about energy: What more can we do to improve pregnancy success rates?
2015-11-14 - 2015-11-15
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Drawing on expertise from throughout the world, the Ovarian Club VI Meeting will be a unique gathering of scientists, clinicians and embryologists who have a common interest in how oocytes, early embryos and the implantation process itself derive energy for development. The aim of the meeting is to evaluate and discuss the current state of knowledge on oocyte and early-embryo metabolisms, and the effect of maternal nutrition on adaptive embryo responses that lead to disease. The application of metabolomics technologies to this field have begun to provide more comprehensive information, rapidly building our collective knowledge about complex metabolic processes in oocytes and embryos. With our insights and methods increasingly being refined, we are now beginning to understand and appreciate that there may very well be a link between oocyte and embryo metabolic function and persistent phenotypes in the fetus and the offspring. The Ovarian Club VI Meeting will bring together international experts to provide a comprehensive overview of our state-of-the-art understanding of oocyte and embryo metabolisms as well as the implantation process.

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