RT Imaging Summit Asia 2015

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Organizer Introduction: Recycling Times Media Corporation (RT Media) provides networking and business opportunities for the 2D and 3D printing industry. The RT Media international team comprises of talents from Australia, America, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and mainland China. In 2D printing field, RT Media is the organizer of RemaxWorld Expo, the world's largest print consumables trade show event held each year in Zhuhai, China-the world capital of print consumables manufacturing. Also, it is the organizer of RT Imaging Summit & Expo Americas, RT Imaging Summit & Expo Europe and World Toner Conference. RT Media publishes daily inTouchTV News and monthly the magazine Recycling Times for the worldwide printing industry-separately in Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and Russian.
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Theme: Consolidating for the Future—Surviving & Thriving with Print Consumables Topics:  Mergers & Acquisitions: What are the CEOs saying? Why do M&As take place? Post M&A: How to manage the new company/ How do company staff make the transition? from different countries / different cultures / business models? The relationship between OEMS and aftermarket (cooperation vs competition) Legal updates: Lexmark & Impression products—what is the impact? Market trends and new opportunities:  The current situation & the developing trend in key emerging markets  new/emerging markets (horizontal) e.g. new channels, new operation models e.g.  going global? The do’s and don’ts from a global logistics & fulfilment company Why hasn’t MPS caught on in some regional markets? and will that change? India? China? Russia? Africa? How to set up/expand business in the Chinese market for foreign enterprises? Expanding into the Global marketplace Technical: How will HP’s latest low fusing, JetIntelligence toner technology impact the aftermarket? Exit strategies for CEOs—what do you do next? Go public or stay private? Alternatives for raising capital

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