SID Display Week 2016 - Society of Information Display Symposium Seminar and Exhibition

2016-05-22 - 2016-05-27
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Exhibition and Sponsorship Sales
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+1 (203) 502-8283
Exhibition: June 3-5, 2014
Display Week is the premier worldwide event showcasing advances in electronic display technology. Electronic displays by themselves make up a 100 billion dollar industry, and more importantly serve as the manner in which a majority of consumer electronics differentiate themselves. The Display Week Exhibition provides a venue where display technology and product providers can meet with the engineers, designers, and business development decision makers driving the integration of new display technology into products. History has shown that the display innovations that first appear at Display Week are integrated into leading products within months to a few years.
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Professionals In The Field of Information Display.
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Display Week 2014 will cover the hottest technologies in the display marketplace, including:? 3-D Touch and Interactivity Green Manufacturing Solid-State Lighting Oxide TFTs Digital Signage Display Manufacturing Flexible Displays and e-Paper HDTV LCD OLED Plasma Projection Display Metrology Display Components, Electronics, and more! ? ?

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Until recently, the opportunity to have a celebrity attend an event, attach themselves to a name-brand or endorse a certain product or idea was untouchable. The thought of paying a person to promote a product was seen as something only Fortune 500 companies could afford. Social media has changed all that with brands and businesses utilizing celebrity influencers to connect directly with their demographics and increase sales and profits.