Unmanned Aircraft Systems

2015-03-11 - 2015-03-12
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Benefits of Attending “In the next 20-30 years these things [RPAs] are going to explode” –General Mark A. Welsh, III, Air Force Chief of Staff Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) and Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) have seen a golden age in the last decade growing to an annual budget of $7 billion. Most of this growth has been through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but with the drawing down of troops, what’s next? Analysts still predict growth in this industry, estimating a total increase to just over $89 billion in the next decade. Not only is the military expected to sustain its backing of UAS technology, but the civil and commercial markets are poised to open up to a host of opportunities for the industry. This comprehensive symposium brings together key officials and representatives from both government and industry that will examine the recent developments, most critical capability gaps, and likely future direction for unmanned aircraft systems. Future UAS development opportunities and trends – DoD, international, and more Emerging UAS Service needs and initiatives – Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines Key COCOM UAS needs, challenges, and requirements Status and Forecast for FAA Mandates on UAS National Airspace System Integration Emerging UAS sensor capabilities and future requirements These and many other topics will be addressed during this outstanding event.
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I: Emerging Service and Government Needs, Initiatives & Opportunities ————————————————— Special Government Keynote Addresses: “Customs and Border Protection UAS Program: The Way Forward for Homeland Protection” MR. JOHN PRIDDY Director, National Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations, U.S. Customs And Border Protection, Office of Air and Marine (CBP/OAM) “UAS Update in Support of the Smart Defense Initiative” LIEUTENANT GENERAL ROBERT “BOB” OTTO, USAF Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR),Headquarters, USAF (tentative) ————————————————— “UAS Support to NORTHCOM and NORAD Operations” ■ MR. THOMAS BAKER Director, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airspace Integration (UAS-AI) Joint Test (JT), North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command “Army UAS Interoperability and Manned/Unmanned Teaming – Capabilities and Road Ahead” ■ COLONEL PAT MASON, USA Commander, Redstone Technical Test Center [tentative] “U.S. Fourth Fleet: Theater of Innovation and UAS in the Maritime Environment” ■ MR. TED VENABLE Commander, U.S. Naval Forces South and Commander, U.S. Fourth Fleet, US Navy “Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the U.S. Coast Guard” ■ LIEUTENANT COMMANDER JEFF VAJDA, USCG UAS Platform Manager, Office of Aviation Forces, US Coast Guard • Shore-based UAS as Strategic, Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) • Shipboard UAS for the Tactical Commander • Program Status and Future Vision “Perspective on Roles for RPA in the SOUTHCOM ISR Mission” ■ LIEUTENANT COLONEL MICHAEL “SNIPER” BEAVIN, USAF Chief, Collection Management Division, ISR Directorate, U.S. Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM/J2) [tentative] “UAS Overview and Issues from the Navy’s TYCOM” ■ COMMANDER (ret) CHRIS “PYRO” FITZGERALD, USN Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific (N809A), (COMNAVAIRFOR, CNAF), UAS Requirements “U.S. PACAF Perspective on UAS Needs & Challenges, and Opportunities” ■ SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE, USAF Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) “UAS Vulnerability to CyberWarfare” ■ MR. W. ANDREW PENNINGTON, (Colonel, USAFR) Vice President, Cybersecurity & Intelligence, K2Share LLC “RPA: Needs, Challenges and Programs Update” ■ SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE 91st Attack Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base II: Commercial & Civil UAS Program Updates and Opportunities “Unmanned Aircraft Systems: U.S. Legislation & Privacy Needs & Challenges ■ MR. EDDIE GLEASON Director, Office of Legislative Affairs, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) • Congress, in its 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act, Mandated the Organization have a plan for the “Safe Integration of Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems” into the National Airspace by Sept. 30, 2015. So how Close is the FAA on Reaching this Mandate? Does Congress Believe the FAA Will Meet that Date? • How Much Airspace Above Your Home is Considered Yours? What is the Safest Distance to Operate and Not Impede on Individual Privacy Rights? You May Be Safe From Violating Privacy Rights But Are You Safe From FAA Fines? • How to Balance the Tension Between Security and Privacy Interest as the Explosion of Surveillance Technology Becomes More Popular “Federal Aviation Administration Update on UAS Commercial Integration” ■ MR. MIKE WILSON Southern Region UAS Program Manager, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “UAS Integration into CA/U.S. Commercial Airspace” ■ MR. CHARLES HICKS, JR., ESQ. Aviation Adviser to U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) “Expanding the Capabilities of RPA” ■ COL (ret) CHRIS PEHRSON, USAF Director, Strategic Development, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI) “UAS Commercial Integration, Needs, Challenges and Way Ahead” ■ MR. DOUG DAVIS Director of Air Worthiness, Northrop Grumman Corporation • What Has to Happen to Really Integrate UAS Commercially? • How Long Will it Take? • Is This Domestic Only or Internationally? “UAS Surveillance: Big Data for Homeland Protection” ■ MR. KEITH BRYARS Client Executive, Federal Law Enforcement and National Security, Harris Corporation, Former Senior Executive Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation “Small UAS for Civil Aviation: Needs & Operations” ■ MR. DAVID HENDRICKSON Director, Business Development, AeroVironment “UAS Training – Forging the Next Generation of Aircrew” ■ LIEUTENANT COLONEL (ret) DAVID GERHARDT, USAF Former Course Director for the USAF’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft Fundamental’s Course • Lessons Learned: Evolving from a “Manned Pilot Plus” Mentality to the UAS Pilots of Today • Aircrew Training Concepts and Application for UAS Aircrew • Example Training Flow for UAS Pilots • From Warriors to Workers: Translating the Military UAS Training Experience for a Civil Aviation Workforce III: Emerging UAS Technologies for Close Air & Maritime Mission Support Special Joint Presentation from SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific “Unmanned Aerial Systems: The Maritime Domain Awareness Imperative” ■ CAPTAIN GEORGE GALDORISI, US NAVY (ret) Director, Corporate Strategy Group, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) & ■ MS. JENNY PELS Strategic Analyst, 8.4.1, Corporate Strategy Group, SPAWAR/SSC Pacific & ■ MR. BRYAN TOLLEFSON UxS Business Portfolio Manager, SSC/Pacific & ■ MS. RACHEL VOLNER Strategic Analyst, 8.4.1, Corporate Strategy Group, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific • The DoD Plan for UAS • The Emergent Need for MDA • U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Group Operations • Case Study: MDA for the Asia-Pacific Region “Normalizing Digital Close Air Support (DCAS): Needs, Challenges: The Role of Unmanned Systems” ■ DR. BILL POWERS U.S. Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) and Research Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities Futures Assessment Division, Futures Directorate, Deputy Commandant, Combat Development & Integration (DC/CD&I) • Digital CAS (DCAS) Defined • Digital CAS in Practice • The Employment of Unmanned Systems in Digital CAS ————————————————— Industry Keynote “Boeing Current and Emerging UAS Capabilities” ■ DR. DAVID WHELAN Vice President – General Manager & Deputy President, Boeing Phantom Works [invited] ————————————————— “UAS for Maritime Support: Needs & Challenges” ■ MR. CLIFFORD JOHNSON Chief Executive Officer, Clifford T. Johnson & Associates, Unmanned Systems Engineering, LLC/Autonomous Air Land & Maritime • UUV Communications with UAV and how they complements Maritime Ships, Submarines, and Aircraft • Modular Payloads for intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and mine counter-measures • UAV VTOL Airframe and Fuselage design and development “UAS Sensor Inputs to AquaQuIPS (AQ) Data Fusion Engine for Vessel Tracking” ■ DR. JAMES WILSON Chief Scientist, Jove Sciences, Inc. • Real Time Input of UAS Sensor Data into AQ’s Data Fusion Engine Allows Positive Identification of Threat in Time for Tactical Decision Makers to Act Before Damage Occurs
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