World National Oil Companies Local Content Congress

Developing true in-country value for NOCs with their partners
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The World NOCs Local Content Congress will allow you to develop partnerships, learn from international experience, and meet NOCs and Ministries from around the world to understand how they have defined and developed their local content strategy. Joint plenary sessions Local Heads of NOCs and Energy Ministries globally open day one exploring the future of the oil and gas business and advancing exploration Keynote presentations Understand the value of a successful local content strategy as Energy Ministries, Regulators and NOCs address issues specifically related to the policies and regulations in place for developing a local content agenda; hear their answers to questions such as: • Why is increasing local content good for development? • What types of policies can be used to encourage an increase in local content • What are the costs and benefits of introducing such policies? Strategic panel discussions Take part in in-depth discussions and debates and share your thoughts on the optimum level of regulation for supporting local participation, technology transfer and adequate local skills. Book your place today via the website at

Partner Voices

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