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2014 Tradeshow & Convention List Now Available!

6,000 U.S. Shows – $799 18,000 U.S. and international trade shows – $999

In addition, we will email you monthly updates of all trade shows and events for 12 months at no additional cost.

The data will be emailed to you in an Excel® spreadsheet and will include most of the following information: • Show name • Show contact's name, email, and phone • Show URL • Show organizer's name, mailing address, and phone • Show start date • Show end date • Number of attendees • Number of exhibitors • Type of show (public trade show, private trade show, conference with trade show, conference only) • Show venue location

For more information or to order, please contact John Rice at 617-201-708



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Sporting events are no longer the most preferred target for terrorists, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Outdoor events, conferences, festivals, and other events featuring public figures are all vulnerable. And with over a thousand different-level attacks since 2015, it’s no surprise that safety and security are among the top concerns for event professionals.