8 Trade Show Giveaways that People Actually Want

October 19, 2017

Bea Bonte

Bea Bonte is a marketing associate for Deneen Pottery, creators of custom hand-crafted mugs that can be personalized for any business.

Are you preparing for an upcoming trade show? If so, you’re most likely searching for great giveaway ideas to make your brand stand out.

Giveaways present great opportunities for you to leave a lasting impression on event-goers. With creative, high-quality giveaways, you’ll get more people to your booth and interacting with your brand.

However, there are many giveaways out there that are just plain boring. To make sure trade show attendees hang on to your item instead of ditching it in the trash, try handing out these eight giveaways that people will actually want.

1. Power Bank

There’s nothing more frustrating when your smartphone runs out of battery in the middle of an event. Give attendees a way to charge up with a portable power bank. These handy little giveaways will help event-goers stay connected online and up-to-date with the event’s latest happenings.

2. Water Bottle

While it might sound dull at first, a custom water bottle can be an extremely valuable giveaway. In your office, what does every employee have on their desk? A water bottle. Head to the gym, same situation, everyone uses a water bottle. Custom water bottles are convenient, environmentally friendly and will give your brand long-term exposure.

3. Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker branded with your logo is also an effective trade show giveaway. These wearable bands are all the rage today and can be used daily by event attendees to help them track their fitness activity, such as number of steps or miles walked.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker giveaway will really amplify your brand’s message at the next trade show. Give attendees the power to access their music, podcasts and audiobooks at home or on the go. Every time they pull it out to enjoy some their favorite song, they’ll see your logo and associate the music with your brand.

5. Custom Coffee Mugs

Take the traditional, lackluster coffee mug and turn it into something captivating – there’s nothing quite as captivating than a custom-made coffee mug. These colorful, creative and handmade pieces of stoneware are sure to impress event-goers of all types. Being as beautiful as they are functional, these will stick around the home or office for years and serve as an attractive reminder of your brand.

6. Socks

With some stylish socks, you’re sure to be the hit of the trade show. You can’t deny that this idea blows the traditional branded pens, keychains, even T-shirts, out of the water. Socks provide the right mix of uniqueness and functionality to make a lasting impact on your audience.

7. Hand Sanitizer

After shaking fellow event-goers’ hands all day, trade show attendees will want to get rid of the germs. What better way to help them stay clean than by giving away a bottle of hand sanitizer? These handy giveaways are sure to be of use for those event-goers who don’t want to get sick.

8. Seasonal Items

You can always get creative with seasonal items. Try giving away umbrellas in the spring, beach balls in the summer or Christmas ornaments in the winter. The seasons open up a whole new avenue for you to find the best trade show giveaways.


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