Five Quick Tips for the Occasional Exhibitor

January 26, 2012
Trade shows are not your whole job, just a part of it. You only do, at most, a few small shows a year, and you've got lots of other responsibilities to handle. So all this detail in our blog about doing trade shows better? You simply have no time for it all. But you still would like to boost your results – but only if the changes are simple and quick. So in that vein, here are five tips to help you - quickly - get more out of trade shows: ユ A large, clear message is easier to grasp, so make your next set of booth graphics colorful and easy to understand, with a benefit statement that will then get your prospects into your trade show booth. ユ Create a demo with motion in your trade show exhibit to get more of the right people engaged and interested. That will also get people to remember you. ユ Collecting business cards is not enough. Print paper lead cards to write more notes for the sales force to do better follow up, or get electronic lead machines from the show to get their attendee data with every badge scan. ユ Your booth staffers make a huge difference. Bring staffers who want to be there, give them support, training, and treats. Count how many qualified leads each one takes in your trade show displays to help decide who staffs the next show. ユ Do everything you can before the show to set up appointments with qualified buyers and existing clients in your booth at the show. Okay, I could write another 10 bullet points, but as the occasional exhibitor you won't have time to do more than these first five! But you've got to do these five! Once you enjoy the greater success you'll have at your shows, then come back to the my blog and read some more!

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