Korean Coffee and Tea Expo Expected to Double in Size

February 26, 2013

Organised by Coex and the Korea Coffee Association, the second edition of Coffee Expo Seoul is expected to double in size this year and attract around 500 exhibitor booths – up from 230 booths in 2012.

Around 50,000 attendees, including visitors and exhibitors, are also expected at the show from 11th to 14th April at the Coex World Trade Center. The inaugural edition of Coffee Expo Seoul last year received 30,000 visitors and 80 exhibiting According to Coex, overseas visitors and exhibitors will be entitled to airfare discounts and translation assistance, as well as incentives to international embassies and trade associations wishing to promote their countries’ coffee business in Korea.

South Korea’s coffee industry reportedly experienced a jump of 900 percent in the number of coffee shops between 2006 and 2011, and a 1,800-percent increase in national sales during the same period.

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