Tap the Power of Facebook for Your Next Event

December 8, 2013

Since I did an ode to Google, I would be remiss not to write about my other love, Facebook.  Facebook is more than just a whole bunch of people (and when I say bunch, estimates show it at over 1 billion monthly active users) posting a bunch of useless info. 

What if I told you the information shared is more valuable than you think, and since these 1 billion+ users are self-reporting, more accurate and more useful than you can imagine?

Whether you are in hospitality, lodging, travel, events or trade shows, the key to successful engagement with prospects is the use of genuine interactions. 

Authenticity of an interaction cannot be canned, nor processed and must be individualized as much as possible.  But how do you make your interactions personal when you may be targeting hundreds, if not thousands, of people?  You guessed it:  Facebook.

Facebook users provide many data points on their interests, likes, geographic location, and aspirations.  By using these points and the digital tracking Facebook provides, you can come up with a tailored campaign, and you can get as specific as you deem necessary to affect lead engagement and conversion. 

The data points available in Facebook allow you to ascertain with nearly surgical precision your prospect pool and then test and target visual images and messaging to optimize your engagement.

 You can also run several ad campaigns at once to different groups as well as test and target within a sub group.

If you are really feeling bold, you can also start experimenting with the retargeting feature available with Facebook.  As an example, let’s say I have an event, and I do a Facebook campaign to drive traffic to the registration page.  I can add source code to track who goes to the page and performs the call to action, and who does not.  For those who didn’t fill out the form, I can then use this information to start a secondary ad campaign specifically to those non-registrants (who already know of my event and took the action to go to the page) to encourage them to return to the page and register.  It is like getting a second try at a lead while they are still on the fence, and helps affect lead conversion since they are in the middle of the lead cycle, versus at the beginning.

So, take the time to explore Facebook to see if it is the right medium to drive your engagement.  You might be very surprised to see what power awaits you.  If you aren’t sure how Facebook could work for you, or have a specific Facebook engagement question, feel free to email me at lisa@3dogwrite.com

Did I mention I love Facebook?


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