RFID in Healthcare Consortium Commits to Nashville Medical Trade Center

June 24, 2012

The RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC) has signed on to the Nashville Medical Trade Center  and will showcase the use and adoption of RFID (radio frequency identification) and RTLS (real-time locating systems) technologies in the healthcare, assisted living and nursing home industries.

According to trade center officials, the RHCC showroom will be the only destination in the world integrating multiple companies' products, services and deliverables focusing on these technologies.

Here are a few key details about RHCC’s signing on at the Nashville Medical Trade Center:

  • The complex will be developed in three phases eventually encompassing 80,000 square feet.
  • The complex will include: The Intelligent Hospital™, The Center of Excellence, and International Technology Pavilions that are destined to attract healthcare decision makers from around the world.
  • The Intelligent Hospital™ will closely replicate the actual environments of a hospital to showcase pioneering solutions that incorporate auto-ID/Bar code scanning, RFID, RTLS sensors and wireless technologies. This delivery methodology optimizes and enhances workflow, patient care and safety enabling dynamic monitoring and rapid response to critical issues.
  • The Center of Excellence will be a comprehensive research, training, teaching and testing environment unique in the world for RFID, RTLS and associated technologies.
  • The International Technology Pavilions will consist of a collection of individual spaces/technology suites where dozens of internationally based manufacturers and suppliers of products and services within the RFID and RTLS industries will present their latest advancements in their respective permanent showrooms.

"We are extremely pleased to be part of the Nashville project and believe that our Intelligent Hospital™ will highlight how the combination of these clinical devices, systems and supporting technologies addresses many of the issues affecting workflow and potentially impacting patient care and safety,"said Dr. Paul Frisch, president and CTO of RHCC.

The Nashville Medical Trade Center will be 1.5 million square feet when it is completed, according to venue officials.

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